The whole historical memory of Matera is accurately kept and displayed in its beautiful museums.
Visiting the National Archeological Museum ‘Domenico Ridola’ it is possible to admire artefacts and remains from the Prehistoric era, in particular a beautiful vase collection dating back to the VI and V centuries B.C. (when the whole region was an Ancient Greek Colony), as well as wooden artefacts and authentic weapons used by the ‘Briganti’ etc.
Quite close to the Ridola Museum stands the 18th-century Palazzo Lanfranchi, location of the National Modern and Medieval Arts Museum where it is possible to admire numerous sacred art paintings, the famous ‘D'Errico’ collection and all of the 44 beautiful paintings of Carlo Levi (among them the most famous ‘Lucania 61’).
The Musma - Contemporary Art Museum, located inside an extraordinary 17th-century palace ‘Palazzo Pomarici’, is one of the most important museums in Italy. At the Musma it is possible to make a tour of the seven hypogeous rooms and appreciate the numerous sculptures displayed in such a suggestive setting. Other interesting places to visit are the Farming Culture Museum, the ‘Casa Grotta’ and Casa Noah.